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A Once in A LifeTime Experience

Troop 204 -- Where Tradition Continues

Nearly a Century of Tradition in Scouting

We are the oldest Scouting Troop in Lafayette, California.   Founded in 1932, our Troop is run with a unique focus on developing leadership, outdoor skills and life long friendships.  Since our first Eagle Scout in 1945, our program has advanced over 400 young men through the Eagle Rank.  We believe our track record to Eagle Scout is among the strongest in all of Scouting.

Our Troop meets every Monday evening at the Troop 204 Log Cabin at the corner of 1st and School Street.  Our cabin is steeped in the Troop's history, awards and nearly century old traditions.

Troop 204 is an all boys troop.  In February 2019, our charter organization also chartered a sister troop, Troop 402.  Troop 402 is an all girls troop that shares similar culture, leadership aspirations and outdoor focus as Troop 204.  Troop 402 also shares our historic cabin.  If you have a daughter interested in Scouting, you can learn more at

What Makes Us Unique?

Our Troop works to develop leaders and experiences in a unique manner to nearly all other scouting troops. 

Everyone Becomes a Leader.  Every scout should assume the key leadership roll as they advance.  As such, our scouts are never "elected" to leadership, but rather will lead their patrols, typically in the 10th grade.  

50 Miler Leadership.  We conduct our annual 50 Miler Backpacking Trip (ok...sometimes it is 60 miles...) every year.  All scouts participate in this epic event.  Importantly, every scout in the 10th or 11th grade will be responsible for planning and leading a Trek of 13 to 15 scouts and adults through 8 days in the Wilderness. 

Outdoor Focus.  Scouting is outdoor focused, and we embrace this tradition.  Our Scouts become highly trained in camping, cooking, map reading, orienteering and backpacking best practices.  This can only be learned through experience...which our Scouts have plenty!

The Boys Lead Our Troop.  Scouting is about learning to be a leader and learning from your mistakes.  Our Troop is led by our boys who organize all events, weekly meetings, etc...  It is a unique opportunity for young men to start to learn how to be leaders.

Fully Funded Through Our Annual Wreath Sale.  We fund all of our activities through an annual wreath sale each December.  As a result, scouting families typically bear minimal expense for participation in all of our activities.  

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