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An Outstanding Class of Eagle Scouts from Troop 204

Updated: Mar 11, 2020


Troop 204 of Lafayette is proud to announce that 14 of our young men have advanced to the distinguished rank of Eagle Scout in 2020. Since our founding in 1932, over 400 scouts have attained this prestigious rank at Troop 204.

To attain the Eagle Scout rank, a Scout must earn at least 21 merit badges including 13 Eagle-required badges, demonstrate leadership and Scout Spirit, and successfully complete an approved Eagle Service Project. Troop 204 Eagle Scouts also lead a patrol though the Troop's annual 50 mile backpacking trip in the Sierras.Oliver Lane installed auto shop flooring beneath the Historical Society's antique fire engine "Old Betsy". Upon completion of the floor, cleaned the Historical Society's exhibit cage.

  • Ryan Bea removed and replaced the protective fence around the air conditioning unit at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.

  • Jon Davis painted a world map on the playground at Lafayette Elementary School to inspire youth interest in geography and world affairs.

  • Quinn Elle constructed a mobile Lost and Found, metal framed cabinet for Happy Valley Elementary.

  • Jack Innenberg provided Oakland Unified School District with 17 musical instruments through donations and fundraising. 

  • Aidan Kim worked with the All Good Living Foundation to collect and distribute school supplies and toiletries for underprivileged children in the East Bay.

  • Oliver Lane installed auto shop flooring beneath the Historical Society's antique fire engine "Old Betsy" and cleaned the Historical Society's exhibit cage.

  • Cayden Lee designed and led construction of an outdoor classroom workstation for students in the Springhill Elementary School garden.

  • Michael Roux built two tables and a Lost and Found cart for CATS at Lafayette Elementary School.

  • John Shepherd created a computer lab for a Shelter Inc. homeless shelter in Pittsburg, including handmade desks, donated computers and peripherals, to support job searches and homework.

  • Matthew Shepherd built and installed owl boxes throughout Lafayette to benefit our habitat, protect the owls from predators, and provide shelter for their young. 

  • Jackson Steele organized the Young Maker’s Expo during the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival, providing an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to work on their business skills.

  • Preston Vana collected books and donated them to currently serving military troops and veterans to provide them with entertainment.

  • Caleb Waechter relocated and painted the United States map and repainted 4-Square courts at Happy Valley Elementary.

  • Tomo Watanabe restored a polluted pond at Chabot Space & Science Center by building a protective structure for the water treatment system and using plants as a natural water filter.

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